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I cannot believe Curvy Kate’s audacity to outright steal the work of a high school student for some insipid marketing message.

Shame on you, Curvy Kate. Shame on you.

Via: The Curvy Kate Facebook Page

Original image via: Rosea Posey

Edit: Curvy Kate has now taken down the image.

Edit 2: Curvy Kate has now issued an apology.

Way to miss the point of the initial message Curvy Kate! I dislike the brand to start with, due to their use of the phrase "real women" and their over-photoshopping of their so-called “real women”. Hey “curvy” girls, you can all look like “real women” with extremely heavy makeup and blurred stomachs (come on, at least try to hire a retoucher that knows how to deal with skin).

People are all up in arms about plagiarism, and saying that the HIGH SCHOOL STUDENT (can I just reiterate that point, she’s a fucking high school student, that had probably never seen the damn stupid tights to begin with and actually created something extremely poignant, far better than I ever did in High School) stole the idea from some Spanish tights. REGARDLESS of who did it first, it was the girl’s artwork that recently went viral, that Curvy Kate’s social media team SAW, and proceeded to DEGRADE THE MESSAGE IN ORDER TO GAIN MORE ENGAGEMENT ON THEIR FUCKING FACEBOOK. Looks like they are getting engagement now - hundreds of angry comments. 

This is slut shaming at its best (or should I say worse) - wearing a skirt at the knee is not “flirty”, wearing it above the thigh is not “provocative”. 

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